What Format Better to Use for Nursing Papers

nursing papersBest format for writing nursing papers

Nursing papers fall under the umbrella of scientific writing. There are a number of different styles and formats that dictate how papers should be structured and written. APA, MLA and Chicago are among the style guides that give instructions on virtually every aspect of writing the paper including how to cite references, paper structure, all the way down to how to number pages and the width of paper margins. Since 1929 the APA (American Psychological Association) style guide has been the preferred format for biomedical writing including nursing papers.

Reasons for writing nursing papers following the APA style guide

Writing papers in the same area in the same style makes sense, and it is expected that nursing papers will be written using the APA format. Nursing paper structure and citations make it easy for readers to find specific information, or check references when papers follow the APA style guide: Some of the other reasons for using APA format for nursing papers include:

  • It makes it easy to identify others work and reference. This doesn’t just benefit the writing looking to use a reference. It also benefits the author whose work is being referenced and gives them credit for the work they have done.
  • Scientific writing entails detailed explanations of research and ideas in nursing papers as well as other scientific fields. The APA writing style encourages this end emphasizes precision and details. Paper structure is straight forward and logical.
  • Using APA format creates uniformity within papers and across papers: Following APA guidelines ensures that you are consistent throughout your paper and papers in the same area will be consistent with all others using the APA style guide.
  • Using the APA format lends authority to your paper: This is more of a perception benefit. A paper that adheres to the APA format will be given more serious consideration than one that is not. It doesn’t mean the actual content is more correct. But is you want your nursing papers to be taken seriously, it is advisable to stick to the APA format.

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