Top 100 Excellent BSN Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

professional bsn nursing capstone project ideas

Just thinking about a BSN nursing capstone project can send you into a tailspin. Choosing a topic and writing a paper that could decide your future is daunting. But this does not have to be the case. All you need to complete a nursing capstone project is helpful information and guidance. The following information will help you understand what a capstone project is, offer topics and tips to consider, and explain where to get the help you deserve.

What Is a BSN Nursing Capstone Project and What the Purpose?

A BSN nursing capstone project is an opportunity to show your superiors how much knowledge you have obtained and how you have implemented this into your care regimen. The ultimate purpose of the capstone project is to assess the knowledge and ability of a nursing student.

Nursing students need to show how they use their evidence based practice mental health knowledge in real life situations. Taking a look at how implementing a new procedure, process, or policy could change a patient’s care for the better will be shown in the capstone project BSN of your choice. Ultimately this project will not focus on knowledge gained but rather on a practice-based application.

BSN Capstone Project Writing Process

Beginning to write a BSN graduate paper, as well as nursing portfolio NMC is a process with many steps. Before putting pen to paper, there are decisions to be made. Step one is to choose your topic. This topic should be practical and fit into the category of either management, education, or clinical. Secondly, students can look at a sample of a BSN capstone research paper. This could give you an idea of how to format and develop your topic.

Once you have chosen your topic and wrapped your mind around what the end product will be, research can begin. Your research should be well rounded and thorough. Dive into the medical journals, online resources, and use the knowledge of professors and colleagues. You will most likely spend the majority of your time in research.

Write a summary. This should be done before the body of your work begins. The process of writing a summary allows you to keep your BSN graduate paper in focus. Keeping focus and using good time management is key in the writing process.

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BSN Nursing Capstone Writing Requirements

As with any writing project, there are guidelines and requirements you need to follow. To start your project, discuss with advisors what the exact requirements are. Develop a proposal and gain permission to continue research by your advisor. Once your proposal has been accepted, it is time to create a timeline so you may stay on track.

For your BSN or MSN nursing capstone, there are specific requirements for content. These requirements include:

  • Title Page
  • Signature Page
  • Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Body of the paper – the body includes a statement of problem, description of the project, evaluation plan, results of the project, and recommendations.

Once these requirements are known, take a look at an example of a BSN capstone research paper. A sample paper of the BSN capstone research paper will guide you through the process and help meet all requirements.

15 Expert Tips for the Capstone Project Nursing BSN Writing Experience

Now that you have completed an ASN culminative and a BSN is in your future, capstone help may be needed. Here are fifteen tips to help you begin and complete a one of a kind nursing BSN capstone project:

  • Format your report
  • Write a summary before completing the body
  • Categorize your topic of choice
  • Research well
  • Write down references as you research
  • Create an outline
  • Use clear and concise writing
  • Proofread
  • Before developing a thesis statement, research
  • Make your thesis statement strong
  • Develop data that is strong and relevant
  • Properly cite sources
  • Ask someone to edit your work
  • Review examples of the BSN capstone research paper
  • Hire qualified BSN capstone writers

Using these tips will ensure a successful journey for your BSN capstone project.

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List of 100 BSN Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

If you are having trouble developing a topic, take a look at this comprehensive list:

  • Clinical use of a cardiac skills checklist for teenagers
  • Transitioning from student to RN with Simulation
  • Development of a bedside shift report
  • Quality of life for patients with congestive heart failure
  • Dimensional analysis: an easy method for all dosage calculations
  • African American education about care in nursing homes and asthma
  • Post-anesthesia care units pain management improvements
  • Prevention of Lyme disease
  • Diabetes management and prevention
  • Improve rural access to care for pregnant women with public health advocacy
  • Non-pharmacological methods for care of dementia patients
  • Obesity among children: Prevention and Treatment
  • HPV vaccination and awareness
  • Prevention of readmissions for patients with a history of stroke
  • Improve infant health with breastfeeding support
  • Nursing roles: A review
  • Professional development of nursing staff
  • Caring for patients diagnosed with ADHD
  • Heart patients with sleep apnea
  • Visitation models: a review

Top 100 BSN Capstone Project Ideas

professional bsn nursing capstone project topics

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