Tips in Writing Nursing Research Paper

nursing research paperWriting the nursing research paper

As a nursing student, you will be required to write at least one research paper if not more. A nursing research paper provides a means for instructors to evaluate how well you have learned the material that has been covered in class as well as how well you do at applying what you have learned. Although some nursing papers are based on the scientific method, a research paper might take the form of a nursing process paper. The nursing process is a method for creating and implementing patient care plans so the paper covers more evidence based information from a clinical setting involving actual patients as opposed to objective experiments. The following are the steps in writing a nursing research paper:

  1. Select the topic: Nursing paper topics may be assigned by instructors or left up to the student to choose.
  2. Research literature on the topic: Your topic should be thoroughly researched using acceptable resources
  3. Conduct your own research: This may take the form of an analysis based on your research, or implementing your own research design
  4. Write the research paper: The research paper should have the following main sections:
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Methodology
    • Results
    • Discussion/conclusion
  5. Edit and proofread the research paper

Tips for writing the nursing research paper

The following are some useful tips when writing your nursing research paper:

  • Topic selection: Try and stick to nursing research paper topics that you are interested in and have already studied. It is easier to spend the time required on something you really have an interest in and will require less time if you already have some background in the topic area.
  • Make sure there are enough sources: Before you start writing on a topic make sure you can locate enough resources on the topic. Be sure to record all information needed to properly cite references as you research so you don’t have to search for it again later.
  • Write the introduction and abstract last: It is much easier to write your abstract and introduction after writing the methods, results and discussion/conclusion sections.
  • Make a good outline: With a good outline, writing the paper is much easier. Use the outline to organize the presentation of your information

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