Tips in Writing Medical College Project Report

medical college project reportWriting a medical college project report

Medical research project reports are usually written using the IMRAD (introduction, methods, results and discussion) structure. IMRAD is the most commonly used paper structure for scientific writing. As most papers now require an abstract, some users now refer to the structure as AIMRAD. The structure and what each section contains is shown here:

  • Abstract: An overview of the paper
  • Introduction: Discusses why the research was done and the hypothesis that was tested.
  • Methods: When and where the study was done, and how the study was carried out. Includes materials and equipment’s that were used for the research.
  • Results: The answers provided by the study to the research question. Did the results support the hypothesis?
  • Discussion: What are the implications of the results? What does the answer imply? Is further research recommended?

Your medical college project report should adhere to this structure unless you are told otherwise. This will be the structure used throughout school and in a medical career for most nursing papers.

Tips for writing a medical college project report

The following are some useful tips and guidelines that may prove helpful when writing your medical college project report:

  • Write the introduction and the abstract last. A rough draft for the abstract can be made using the first sentence from each of the other sections
  • Keep a working bibliography when researching. You most likely won’t use all the resources but they have a way of disappearing when you don’t make an effort to keep track of them.
  • Write concisely and use the active voice when writing. Essentially you want to use as few as words possible to say what you have to say and still be easily understood.
  • Avoid slang, jargon, contractions, and big words you wouldn’t normally use when writing the paper.
  • Proofread and edit. Then proofread and edit again. If possible have somebody else proofread for you as well.

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