Proper PICOT Format for Evidence Based Practice

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Engaging Information about PICOT

The process of formulating research questions for identifying the actual problems of patients. This procedure is quite helpful for treating the patients in a well-mannered way. Whatever problem they face are treated in the ideal way to overcome their problems. The evidence based practice is followed here for medical report writing i.e. develop the highly useful PICOT statement and conducting excellent research for it.

The PICOT is the acronym of Population/Patient, Intervention, Comparator, Outcomes and Time. These five components are highly important to develop an error-free and best PICOT research. Every 7 out of 10 people (who suffer from mental health issues) are not treated by conducting PICOT research. This should definitely be addressed in the care centers and hospitals to provide proper care to the patients.

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PICOT Format for Evidence Based Practice

There is not any complex PICOT format for evidence based practice. However, every individual who has to conduct this research and explore a PICOT research question should follow the mentioned points for it. It is one of the methodologies for searching topics (not related to clinical studies) and helpful in identifying the actual problems of patients and figuring out the solutions of all questions.

Have a look at this quick format for conducting evidence based practice related to PICOT format:

  • The first step is related to the problem of patient: Here, you’re required to identify the identity of each patient including all of their important details. The significant information are race, gender, age, health status and disease.
  • The second step is related to intervention: At this stage, you need to develop a plan to provide proper cure to the patients. What you have actually thought for the patients must be turned into a report. The medications, therapies, specific tests and other related things must be included to it.
  • The third step is about comparison of your plan with the other ideas: The substituting plans of your idea are important to be seen at this stage. It can be various kinds of treatment or a patient may not need the treatment.
  • The fourth part is about getting outcome of the plan: The measurement, improvement and ways of accomplishing plan are included at this phase. This can be full health, no symptoms or fewer symptoms. The output of each plan must be according to the desire.
  • The time span required to accomplish the plan is discussed here: It is included inside parentheses because this element is not always added indeed.

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PICOT Evidence Based Practice: Advice by Experts

The experts who conduct PICOT statement for evidence based practice always suggest to keep it within four major elements. The elements required to develop questions are prognosis, etiology, diagnosis, and therapy. Every individual who thinks of conducting this research must focus only on these 4 components.

Keep in mind that the actual topics of questions must be related to these elements. From the identity of the patient to achieving outcomes, everything must be kept in consideration by relating to these four types. The final copy of the PICOT statement must be error-free. In addition, if you need help with nursing change project ideas, discover a great list of topics and choose the ideal one!


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