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Using a Nursing Research Paper Template

There are several different types of nursing research papers. A paper could be based on research you have done, it could be a review paper based on other papers, a case study, or a nursing concept paper. While there are differences in the various types of papers, many of the principles remain the same. The following shows the correct template for writing a nursing capstone:

  • Abstract: An overview of the paper.
  • Introduction:
      • Statement of the problem and hypothesis
      • Aims and objectives
  • Review of literature: Review of literature related to the project project
  • Research methodology:
    • Description of the project its purpose, objectives hoped for and project design.
    • Evaluation plan that describes the measures used for each objective, what instruments were used and the method of data analysis
  • Results: The results achieved
  • Discussion: Implications of the results, what they mean, and recommendations
  • References: List of sources used

A review paper or a case study would replace methodology and results with a discussion and analysis section followed by a conclusion.

Tips and Suggestions on How to Write a Nursing Research Paper

There are some writing guidelines that apply to any type of nursing research paper and that will be useful during the writing process and make it easier for you. These include:

  • Select nursing research paper ideas you have some background in as well as well as a genuine interest in. It is easier to write on something you like and that you know a little bit about before you start.
  • Take the time to make a good outline before writing your paper. It’s an effect means of organizing a paper, and if well done can cut writing time significantly
  • Write the abstract and introduction after you have written the rest of the paper
  • Document references as you find them. It eliminates the risk of not being able to use a good reference because you can’t find the source again
  • Proofread and edit several times, but wait until you have completed the first draft

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Formulating Relevant Nursing Research Questions for Your Paper

At some point in your career, you will be required to create an evidence based practice and nursing research in which will showcase your expertise and knowledge in your field. As for you to maximize the quality of your research, you should be able to formulate better nursing research questions.

When creating your nursing research questions, take into consideration the main points presented in your research. By addressing the main areas of knowledge and action, you will surely maximize the proficiency of your evidence based nursing research.

Examples of Nursing Research Questions

nursing research questions

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Improve Your Paper’s Impact with Good Medical Research Questions

Questions vary depending on your topic and you should be able to recognize the main aspects of your research as to ensure its quality. If you feel like you do not have the necessary skills to create good medical research questions, make sure that you avail expert help online.
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