Popular Nursing Capstone Topics

professional nursing capstone project ideas

When writing a capstone project for nursing, one of the essential parts is choosing the topic. It cannot stand without a specific, clear topic, and for that matter, here are a few ideas for you.

pupular nursing capstone topics

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Why Pick a Popular Topic for Capstone Nursing Project

While there are plenty of topics to select, not all of them may be suitable for the current needs of the industry. As you may know, the nursing field is a dynamic, ever-changing one that is always updated with the current trends and practices, just like other aspects of the medicine field.

By selecting a time and worthy topic, you will be able to bring a significant contribution for other professionals looking for information, such as that you would present in the capstone project.

Nursing Capstone Paper Ideas

  • Checklist for teens in terms of clinical utility of cardiac skills
  • To identify the risk factors linked with bottle or breastfeeding problems on premature infants who are discharged from the intensive care unit (Newborn section)
  • Leading and keeping nurses with multicultural backgrounds in a hospital environment as an assessment project
  • Talk about birthing babies in a tent using evidence-based normal childbirth guidelines, especially helpful for volunteer healthcare providers
  • What is an organization approach to specialized end-of-life care (discussing the end stage of renal disease and palliative care0?
  • What are the referral practices in terms of mental health in a setting of a family medicine clinic?
  • Developing a protocol for Vitamin D deficiency screening for all patients who have the tendency or who already have osteoporosis
  • Discussing the retention and acquisition of motivational skills for interviewing among healthcare professionals in the outpatient
  • Feasibility assessment of a multi provider and multi clinic healthcare system
  • Diabetic care and use of nurse case managers

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