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What Is the Purpose of the Nursing Capstone Project?

nursing capstone projectThe nursing capstone project serves a dual purpose in that it is used as a means to determine if a student can apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in various real life applications. At the same time it is useful as a method of instruction for students to learn how to apply what they have learned. More nursing schools are introducing capstone projects into their curriculum, and for many nursing schools the capstone project is a core part of the entire program. This is especially true for programs providing advanced nursing degrees. The projects have the additional benefit of improving various parts of the health care system, and a nursing capstone project nursing may result in permanent changes in the part of the system it deals with.

Nursing Capstone Project Papers

For many, when you refer to a nursing capstone project, the paper written to detail the project is the project itself. The nursing capstone paper details every aspect of the entire project in a strict format. It is more than just a listing of results.

The information included in the nursing capstone paper will include the following:

  • Executive summary – brief overview of the project
  • Statement of the topic problem, its background and importance
  • Project description that includes the purpose, objective and design of the project
  • Evaluation plan that describes the evidence based measures used for each objective, what instruments were used and the method of analysis
  • Results – objectives achieved or not, unexpected results, problems encountered are among the things examined.
  • Recommendations based on results. Should changes be permanently implemented, further studied etc?

Capstone project for nursing should follow the required format, and some papers are published. Capstone nursing project is often made available to those who may want to try applying something similar to the work done in a nursing capstone project if it proves beneficial.

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Nursing Capstone Paper Writing Services

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