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What Is Focus Charting in Nursing?

Focus charting sometimes referred to as FDAR, is a narrative method of documentation that can be used to document any patient situation and includes data, action, and response (DAR) for each identified issue. There are four steps involved in focus charting, those being assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. Focus charting doesn’t just document problems but also identifies patient concerns.

Nurses don’t have to describe these concerns using strictly nursing diagnosis terminology. The focus may be a sign or symptom, a behavior, a condition, a nursing diagnosis, a significant event or an acute change in a patient’s condition. The action taken and the result of that action are recorded as well.

Focus Charting Nursing Documentation

With many demands being put on nursing professionals, FOCUS or F-DAR charting is a way to easily organize ideas for easy communication with other nurses and healthcare professionals, while maintaining an easily standardized document that can be easily interpreted as part of the patient record. FDAR stands for Focus, Data, Action, and Response. It helps healthcare professionals hone in on the exact problem a patient is experiencing.

A good FOCUS note includes the exact date and time of the occurrence, and clearly highlights the FOCUS of the note, whether it is for pain or other symptoms. Often times this may be accompanied by a specific numerical code depending on the medical institution for easy retrieval and tracking of patient condition. In the last field, the nurse lists the Data, Action, and Response of the note, which details how they became aware of the problem, the treatment administered, and what happened as a result of the action.

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Advantages of Focus Charting

In a healthcare setting, especially in the midst of a busy clinic, nurses often are faced with the task of dealing with multiple patients at once. Additionally, as part of a team, they must often communicate clearly with other nurses as well as physicians and technicians in order to ensure each member has the most updated information regarding a patient. FOCUS charting is a method of standardizing the information regarding patient care, making it easier for healthcare professionals to track patient history and identify warning signs earlier. FOCUS charting makes it easy for healthcare professionals to identify major issues at a glance, through prominent categorization and careful time chronicling. This makes it easy for healthcare facilities to also keep track of patient histories. As a standard of charting at many hospitals nationwide, FOCUS charting is a useful and necessary skill that can help expedite and improve patient responses through improved communication and coordination.

Focus Charting Do’s and Don’ts

When adding information in FOCUS chart style, it is important to remember that this is a method of quickly documenting the status of a patient. It is designed to be easy to read by healthcare professionals, especially in situations requiring a rapid response. As such, there are things that you should be sure to either do or avoid on your FOCUS chart:

  • Do be careful to write the date and time exactly. Often in an international setting, the way the date is written may be different; as such, it is best to avoid using numerals for the month and instead use the three letter abbreviation.
  • Don’t forget to include the exact time that the symptom was recorded and action was taken. If the action took an extended duration of time, be sure to note it in the column where the course of action and patient response is recorded
  • Do remember to be as detailed as possible when describing the patient status and what treatment was administered. Sometimes details like the exact name, dosage, and administration route of the drug can be crucially important.

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