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Purpose of DNP Capstone Projects

dnp capstone projectDNP stands for the holder of a Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree is at an educational level on a par with other health care doctorates such as medical, psychology and dentistry. The capstone project is meant to focus the student on the development, implementation, and evaluation of a clinically concentrated program. It is meant to show the students understanding of DNP concepts and knowledge, and demonstrate the ability to lead and practice at the highest level of clinical practice. Essentially it provides a way for the student to demonstrate skills at a doctoral level.

Some of the elements that will be specifically sought and examined through the capstone process include the following:

  • Expert practice in a specialty area related to the students’ interest
  • Ability to evaluate and utilize knowledge and research to improve quality of care and health outcomes
  • Independent practice inquiry to identify existing problems and needs in nursing and healthcare systems
  • Organizational and systems leadership skills to improve clinical care for diverse communities

Let Professional Examples of DNP Capstone Projects Guide You

dnp capstone project sample        example of dnp capstone projectdnp capstone project sample                                      example of dnp capstone project

DNP Capstone Projects Writing Requirements

dnp capstone projectsSelection of a topic for the DNP capstone nursing project is very important. A project must first be approved by a committee before it will be considered as appropriate. The student must submit a project proposal detailing the problem to be addressed and how the project will do that. The proposal itself requires a great deal of time and work, and not being approved means that was time and effort wasted, which is one of the reasons project selection is so important. The project must provide something new, and be considered important enough to warrant the project. This should be kept in mind when examining various topics for the project. The project approval initiates the project officially and the DNP capstone paper is the culmination of the capstone project. The final paper will include much of what was contained in the proposal, as well as including results and discussion of those results in detail. Both the project proposal and the DNP capstone paper must adhere to a strict format. So make sure to discover DNP capstone project proposal examples as well as examples of DNP capstone projects.

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Tips on Preparing Your DNP Capstone Project

  • Do your homework: Check the official website of the program or school of interest to you. You may also want to get booklets or brochures, read them, and highlight the aspects of the program you find interesting.
  • Brainstorm and reflect: What led you to this interest in the program or school? Who are the people that influenced your interest? What are their qualities that you find most appealing? Why did you choose the research field or school? Think of your career plans and goals, motivations and things/people that drive or inspire you.
  • Outline: Choose a central theme coming out from the brainstorming and reflection. Organize your notes, bullet points, statements, and comments. Think of the examples and life experiences to share and highlight your theme of choice. The outline must cover – research interest, reasons for choosing the school or program, motivations, preparation to address the issues in the topic or research area, future goals, positive aspects to bring to the program and characteristics of the program that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Draft writing: Use a positive language and make sure that the transition words, paragraphs and sentences flow smoothly from one to another. Do not use hard to understand vocabulary and avoid repeating yourself.
  • Revise and edit: Read your paper aloud and make corrections. Ask professional help if you think your skills are not enough to edit your paper.

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DNP Capstone Project Writing Services

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