Your Guide to Nursing Portfolio NMC Writing

Why Having a Nursing Portfolio NMC Is Important

There are many professions nowadays that require their workers to keep a record and track their own career development within a portfolio and nursing is by no means an exception. Not only is your nursing portfolio NMC a valuable tool which displays your level of competency, it is a toolbox which tracks your progress from your first days as a student at nursing school, all the way through your professional career and if maintained correctly, can even help to achieve the highest ambitions.

So creating and maintaining your Nursing and Midwifery Councils (NMC) nursing portfolio is vital especially as you will need to have revalidated by them every 3 years. They will expect to see changes within your portfolio which tracks the progress you have made within the last 3 years and which also confirms your competency within your present role and identifies weaknesses which can be improved. The NMC’s main focus is in protecting the public by setting standards of education, training, conduct, and performance so that nurses and midwives can deliver high-quality health care throughout their careers.

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Using Nursing Portfolio Examples NMC to Guide You

The requirements to keep your NMC nursing portfolio up to date to be revalidated are numerous and can be a source of concern for many people. The whole process can be intimidating and building a successful career may depend upon getting everything right ready for submission. If you are a newly qualified nurse then you will need to create an NMC account through their website and a revalidation date will be given to you and allows some time to prepare your portfolio.

However, the sooner you start to prepare your NMC nursing portfolio can alleviate a lot of pressure for the necessary documentation when the time comes for revalidation. To someone newly qualified and just starting along the road to a successful career, the level of information that is required can seem daunting to begin with, but there is help available by looking through the many nursing portfolio examples NMC which are available online.

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Our team has also presented the following guide to help you get started with the minimum level of information which is required to be included:
  • Practice hours. Dates and hours undertaken with copies of signed timesheets and job specifications. Describe the scope or type of practice and the work setting and organization name and address.
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD). All the notes you have taken from any CPD activity, describe the method and how it relates to your practice. Provide the dates and number of hours undertaken and any verifiable evidence such as a certificate of completion. Remember that 20 hours must be participatory learning which involves interacting with others.
  • Practice related feedback. Keep notes of the content of your feedback but ensure there is no information in here that might identify a patient or any other individual. Describe the feedback and how you used this to reflect on and improve your practice. Remember that many sources of feedback count from patients, colleagues, teachers, team performance reviews to annual appraisals.
  • Reflection. Prepare and save at least five written reflections that you have carried out. These can be on your CPD practice related feedback, practice event or activity and how this relates to the Code. Again you are reminded not to include any information that might identify a specific patient, service user or colleague.
  • Reflective discussion. This should be a face to face conversation which could be a video conference if necessary. This is an opportunity to share your feelings and views about your practice and how it relates to the Code. Ensure the NMC template is used to document this discussion and it is signed by the NMC registrant and they provide their name, NMC Pin and email contact details and is dated.
  • Confirmation. You can use all the evidence that you have collected in your portfolio to share with your confirmer to show that you meet all the requirements. When completing the NMC form, your confirmer must provide their name, NMC Pin or other professional identification numbers (where relevant), email and professional address.
  • Health and character. You are not expected to have any specific information stored of this only to declare that you are of good health and character but you must inform the NMC of any changes to this be it any cautions, charges or convictions as soon as is reasonably possible.
  • Indemnity insurance. It is unlikely that you will have evidence of this if you are employed by a health organization but you will need to declare that you have it in place. For those who are self-employed or undertake work in a self-employed or voluntary role, you will need to show evidence of your indemnity arrangements.

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