How to Write a Nursing Professional Portfolio for CPD

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Why Might You Need Professional Nursing Portfolio Creating?

When you choose a nurse career, you will be required to create many different types of documents that support your progression, not least of these will be a professional nursing portfolio.

Creating a nursing professional portfolio (Continual Professional Development) is one of the many tasks you will need to complete that should begin when you first start training to be a nurse. It is a record of your clinical experiences and journey from novice to expert and should be thought of as a toolbox.

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Included should go all the tools of the trade, skills, knowledge, experience, attitudes, references, and even appraisals that offer feedback whether negative or positive to inspire continuous improvement.

They not only act as a form of competency, offering proof of training, etc. but also to highlight that you recognize your learning requirements and any gaps that exist in your knowledge and skills, the steps needed to enhance your practices and to progress with your professional career development.

There are many nursing portfolio table of contents available which you can refer to, they can act as a good starting reference point in which to show you the kind of information you need to consider including within your own portfolio and show how to recognize opportunities for recording your own evidence of learning.

Using a CPD Template to Build Your Own

While at the beginning of your career, you may be apprehensive that your briefcase is rather empty but as your career develops, it will substantially grow in size to reflect the journey you are on. However, if you are overly concerned then using a professional nursing portfolio template can provide you with that extra level of help on items that can be included to give it a boost. This can be critical when trying to find work, those who have developed it will be in a much better position to articulate their thoughts and feelings about the practice and be able to give detailed examples of how they have made a difference when attending interviews.

There are no real rules as to what needs to be included within your nursing student portfolio NMC or CPD, but when you break down what it actually represents; the conscious updating of professional knowledge and the improvement of professional competence throughout your working life, you can see why they are considered so important. They are a commitment to being professional, keeping you up to date while continuously seeking to improve and are regarded as ‘must-have’ credentials by most, if not all caregiving institutions.

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Use Template to Get an Inspiration

By using some of the examples provided below from our new grad nursing portfolio or any other templates, you get an idea of where to begin:

  • An up-to-date copy of CV (while many people have a generic CV, make yours targeted to the position)
  • Copy of your license
  • Professional certificates for your present role
  • Professional organizations you belong to
  • A copy of your degree and any associated papers; research, dissertation, etc
  • Critical incident review
  • Personal and professional feedback
  • An essay reflecting your defining moments
  • An essay that reflects on how you can make a difference
  • Details of any volunteer work you are involved with
  • What’s going on? Health policy and politics
  • Action plan for developing skills and knowledge

Criminal Record

According to Alison C Clark, MSc, BN, Dip Ned, RNT, practice teacher, Rn, a lecturer at the University of Nottingham, Queens Medical Centre from Times:

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Even with a new graduate nursing portfolio template to help guide them, many people still have difficulties preparing all the essential information to promote themselves.

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