Medical Writing: Tips to Write Good Paper

medical writingWhat is good medical writing?

There are many different types of papers that require medical writing. Research papers, cases studies, and medical literature reviews are just a few of those. Regardless of the type of paper it is, or the papers purpose, there are some things that good medical papers will always have in common:

  • Accuracy: It is essential the medical papers be accurate
  • Clear writing: Writing must be clear and easy for the reader to understand
  • Logical organization: Information in papers should be presented in a way that makes sense
  • Readability: The medical paper should read well, Things like good sentence structure and good transitions improve readability
  • Thorough research: A medical paper must be well researched so that nothing is overlooked

These traits are found in all good medical writing no matter what type of paper it is.

Tips for writing a good medical paper

Here are some useful tips that will help you when you write a nursing capstone:

  • Make sure your paper has a point: A good paper will focus on one main point. This point is usually stated clearly in the first paragraph of the paper. A paper that tries to make many points generally usually won’t make any of them well.
  • Give your paper direction: After you have determined the main point of the paper, your information must be organized so that it supports the main idea. Consider the order of your supporting information. A paper with good structure and direction helps the reader understand why the information is presented when it is and how each bit of supporting information advances the main idea of your paper.
  • Write for a non-specialist: Have a non-specialist read your paper. They should be able to understand what you have written and the points you are making.
  • Reach a conclusion: Don’t leave it to the reader to decide what the conclusion is. Avoid listing considerations on all sides and leaving it at that. You must reach a conclusion in your paper.

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