How We Create Nursing Capstone Projects

What Are Nursing Capstone Projects?

nursing capstone projectsLet’s discover what is DNP capstone project step by step. A nursing capstone project is a major undertaking that will involve a great deal of time and work. Many projects take months or even a year or more from start to finish. A capstone school of nursing uses the project as a means to gauge a student’s knowledge and ability as the student must use what they have learned in real life applications. The student will choose the topic of their project in their general field of study. They will then implement a change to an actual existing procedure, policy or some process in their topic area that they believe needs improving and determine if the process/ procedure change they make is indeed an improvement.

A nursing capstone project is often compared to a dissertation, but the capstone project is more of a hands-on approach, and theories are put into practice to see if they are viable or not. There will be many steps involved in the project but they will all occur in 1 of 3 broad stages. But there is nothing to worry about when you are working with professional our nursing capstone services.

What Are the Major Stages of Nursing Capstone Projects?

Each of the major stages of nursing capstone projects will actually involve many steps. The following is a basic outline of the stages and what they will involve:

  • Nursing capstone project proposal – A proposal must include the problem being addressed and why it’s important. A description of the project including objectives, time line and resources is necessary, as well as evidence-based tools that will be used and method of analysis.
  • Implementation of the project – The proposed changes is put into effect. Data is collected and analyzed to determine the result of the change in procedure/process. This time frame will vary depending on the individual project.
  • Nursing capstone project final paper – The paper details the results of the project and should include in-depth discussion and recommendations to be made. Much of the information included in the proposal is also included.

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Steps to Perfect Nursing Capstone Projects

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