How to Write Good Medical Essay

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Structure of the Medical Essay

Medical essays follow are written using the same structure as many other scientific papers. The structure for your medical essay is shown here:

  • Abstract: A one paragraph overview of the nursing research paper that tells the reader what the paper is about.
  • Main text: Standard structure for scientific articles (IMRAD)
  • Introduction: Discusses what is known about the topic and why your research/analysis is important. It will also include your hypotheses/thesis statement and your objectives/purpose
  • Methods: Depending on the paper your methodology or the literature analyzed
  • Results: Actual results stated
  • Discussion/Conclusions: Discussion of results, and what the implications of those results are

Essays follow this structure for a reason. Most readers will look at an abstract first to see if the paper contains information they want to read. The capstone nursing is presented in a logical way in a format that anybody in the field is familiar with, allowing them to go directly to any particular part without having to read the entire paper.

Suggestions to Write a Good Medical Essay

The following tip and suggestions can be applied to any healthcare essay:

  • Don’t write the paper in the order its presented: While the structure shown above is how your paper should be presented, it is easier to write it in the following order:
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion and Conclusion
    • Introduction
    • Abstract
  • State clearly what your objectives are: The reader should be able to tell exactly what the paper is about.
  • Avoid jargon and abbreviations: It is easy to forget that not everybody is as conversant with the topic as you are. As much as possible avoid using jargon and abbreviations that most are not familiar with. When you must include terms or abbreviations that are not widely known, be sure to define them, and remain consistent in their use.
  • Clear concise writing style: Write in a style that is easy to understand and that gets directly to the point. Avoid long complicated sentences. Say what you mean as plainly as possible with the fewest number of words. Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases.

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