How to Write a Medical Research Paper

how to write a medical research paperPreparations before writing your medical research paper

Knowing how to write a medical research paper includes knowing what to do before the actual writing begins. Before you actually write your medical research paper you must first:

  • Choose a topic: You may already have an idea what you want to write about. Narrow your topic idea down to a specific focus. Find background information about the topic and identify potential sources.
  • Research the topic: Conduct thorough research using reliable sources. Keep track of your sources and be sure to record all publication information necessary for reference citation. Take detailed notes on information that you think you will include.
  • Outline your paper: A good outline that organizes how you will present the information in your paper makes the actual writing of the nursing capstone paper much easier. The outline isn’t cast in stone. If you decide it needs to be altered later on, then you can. The outline is for your use so you can organize the basic structure of the paper.
  • Develop your thesis statement/hypotheses

How to write a medical research paper using the proper structure

Once you have made all of your preparations you are ready to begin writing. When writing a medical research paper you will use the following basic structure:

  1. Abstract: The abstract summarizes the paper highlighting the main points. It is essentially a one paragraph summary of your research paper.
  2. Introduction: The introduction will discuss what is known about the topic and why your research is important. It will also include your hypotheses and what your objectives are.
  3. Literature review: Review of literature relevant to your research and how your research fits in.
  4. Materials and Methods: This is generally the longest part of the medical research paper. It will include what materials and equipment were used, research subjects, design of your research and procedures that were followed.
  5. Results: The actual results of your research
  6. Discussion and Conclusions: Discussion of the results and the significance the results have.

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