How to Write a Medical Paper

medical paperParts of the medical paper

There are different types of medical papers, and the structure of the paper will depend to a certain extent, on the type of paper that is being written. A medical paper often follows the conventional IMRAD (introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion) structure used in many scientific papers. However there are variations. Here are the main parts of a medical paper that you will most likely come across:

  • Abstract: This is a brief summary of the entire paper, usually no more than a paragraph. It is usually included in most papers.
  • Introduction: The introduction discusses what is known about a topic. This will include information on why the topic is important and the relationship of this topic or study to previous work. Pretty much every paper will include an introduction.
  • Literature review: Review of relevant literature in the field and how it is related to the topic. A literature review is not always a part of a medical paper, but to write a good paper you will likely have done the reading even if a write up wasn’t required.
  • For research papers
    • Materials and methods: Materials and equipment used for a medical research paper, research subjects, procedures followed and anything else related to research.
  • For case studies
    • Critical analysis of the particular case
  • Results: Significant results
  • Discussion and Conclusions: Final outcome and what it means

Tips for writing a medical paper

The following tips for writing a medical paper will be useful to any healthcare writer regardless of the type of paper:

  • Minimize the use of abbreviations: When you do use abbreviations define the abbreviation when it first occurs and use it consistently for the entire nursing capstone paper.
  • Eliminate unnecessary words: Cut any words you can from your paper without losing essential information or meaning. Say what you need to in as few words as possible.
  • Double check references: Ensure all references have been properly cited and information is correct.
  • Proofread: Don’t forget to proofread and make sure all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors have been eliminated

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