How to Pick up Good Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

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Can I choose any nursing capstone project ideas I want?
It is true capstone project ideas nursing students use are their own. However, any idea you have for a topic must be approved by a committee. You will present a nursing capstone project proposal as a means of making a formal request to undertake a project using your topic idea. There are some common sense criteria you will want to apply when considering different ideas depending on the field of study, such as PICOT research, nursing management, etc.
What criteria should I consider when picking nursing capstone project ideas?
Some things you should give serious consideration are what areas do you have experience in and what areas do you have a personal interest in. Obviously, having experience in an area makes it easier for you, as much of the necessary background will be familiar. An area completely new to you, or in which you have little background will involve a great deal of research. You will spend a large amount of time on your project so selecting a topic in an area that you have a personal interest in will help keep you from losing interest. Consider some different components of the health care system.
What components of the health care system do you mean?
The health care system is made up of political, economic, scientific and personal components. There are laws that govern nursing that were passed using the political process and medicine is a business with many economic considerations. Maybe medical research holds interest for you, or the effect of various medical problems on personal lives. There are nursing capstone project ideas to be found in every component of the health care system. Virtually any topic you consider will have some aspect or another that touches on one of these components.
Is there anything else that I should consider when trying to get ideas for my capstone project?
When you are considering nursing capstone project ideas, examine the feasibility of the project. The resources to work on your project must be available as well as the particular group you wish to work with. For example, if you are wanting to do a project related to dementia in the elderly but you are in a community comprised of mostly younger people with no facilities for elderly medical care specifically, such a project could prove difficult. Also, a point of consideration is getting your project approved. In part approval is based on convincing a committee that the topic problem you are addressing is important enough to serve as a project.
What if I still can’t come up with any nursing capstone project ideas?
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