How to Formulate a PICOT Research Question

The PICOT Statement: Some Facts and Overview

Although, this sounds quite easier to develop a PICOT statement once we hear about the full form of this word. However, it’s not as simple as we think. PICOT research question in the statement is created by gathering large number of data indeed. Otherwise, you may end up in developing useless and 0% result-oriented statement. Therefore, it requires a lot of attention from start to the end. The questions are related to P (Patients), I (Intervention), C (Comparison), O (Outcome) and T (Time).

When you begin to write questions for this statement, make sure that you are familiar of the current conditions of the patient (s). This is important because patient is the only reason for whom this statement is actually created. There is not any specific format related to the design of this document (only based on questions). In reality, every nine out of ten professionals are actually not properly aware of composing PICOT statement’s paper.

PICOT Questions for Nursing Research

There can be variety of questions included in the PICOT statement as per the situation. It only depends upon the situation and the current condition of the patient. Have a look at this list to get proper idea of the template for developing appropriately in the future:

  • P (Problem of patient): Who is the patient? What are the issues of him/her?
  • I (Exposure’s intervention): What is the plan to treat them? How would we do this?
  • C (Compassion): How do we compare the intervention? What will be the comparison of it?
  • O (Outcome): What would we get in the end? Will there be any positive results/output?

This table shows the actual way of developing questions for the PICOT statement. There is no section of ‘T’ (Time) available in the table. It is because the timeframe can be determined only after getting and implementing the answers of all questions. There is no hard and fast rule to formulate the questions. The queries and answers are developed automatically once the process of gathering data is completed. After following these suggestions, you can be able to prepare the set of questions for PICOT Research.

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PICOT Question Nursing Research: Important Advices By Experts

The experts who are proficient in conducting PICOT research by formulating the questions excellently give helpful medical writing tips. First of all, they always prefer the newbies to study about the purpose of conducting PICOT Research. The knowledge about significance of this research can help them to develop appropriate questions and gather genuine data for the successful implementation. There are no shortcuts to prepare the PICOT questions. It requires ample time to create questions as well as for finding the respective answers.

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The answers of the questions related to patients can only be gathered by asking from them personally. However, questions regarding ICO (Intervention, Comparison and Outcome) would’ve to be found by yourself (through discussing with the other staff). It is never allowed to forecast the time before completion of the entire process. The timeframe can only be unveiled post finishing the whole procedure. The best outputs are only guaranteed if you’ve given ample time in gathering data for developing set of questions and finding answers of them. These are the tips for developing PICOT question nursing research.

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