How to Choose Nursing Research Paper Topics

nursing research paper topicsCriteria for selecting nursing research paper topics

Choosing nursing research paper topics is difficult for many nursing students. At times it probably seems like everything has already been covered and there is nothing left to write on. Rest assured, there are plenty of topics that haven’t been covered like they should be. The following are some of the things to consider when choosing a topic:

  • Choose an area you are interested in: Researching and writing on a topic is much easier if you have a genuine interest in the topic
  • Choose a topic in an area that that you have studied already: It is a good idea to select a topic from an area you already have some basic knowledge in. Selecting a nursing paper topic in an area which you know nothing about is going to require much more research and time
  • Is there enough literature on the topic: Will you be able to find enough relevant literature on the topic to write the research paper

These are some of the basic criteria you should consider when selecting a topic. Use these criteria to filter topic ideas.

How to select nursing research paper topics

There is no method to select a nursing topic that will guarantee you pick the perfect topic for you. If you are having difficulty coming up with nursing research paper topics here is one method that may work for you:

  1. Choose a general field of interest
  2. Research the field. Look for specialty areas that have plenty of research material and write them down.
  3. Make a list using those specialty areas you wrote down. List the specialty areas based on how much they interest you, beginning with the one you are most interested in first down to the one that interests you the least.
  4. Compare your list of specialties with the project requirements set forth by the school and your own criteria.
  5. The highest ranked specialty on your list that meets project requirements as well as your personal criteria will be the specialty area that you should focus on
  6. Research the chosen specialty area: Read more literature on the specialty. Try and identify a problem or something that could be done in a different way. If you come across an APA nursing paper that interests you consider what could have been done differently, or how you might build on existing work and take it further.

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