Great Nursing Research Ideas

In nursing capstone ideas, you need to think carefully and wisely. You need to ensure that it is the best topic you can have for yourself. It must be up to date and important for readers to satisfy reading it and will not just browse it.

Nursing Research Ideas: Samples

  1. Perceived stigma, quality of life as well as medical social support among individuals who live having AIDS/ HIV in China in the place of Hunan: The study aimed to examine the relationships of the social support, perceived stigma as well as the quality of life in individuals living in China with HIV/ AIDS.
  2. A study on the retrospective of nursing diagnosis, interventions and outcomes for people having mental disorders: The aim of the study is about describing the frequent NANDA nursing diagnoses, NIC interventions as well as NOC outcome that is used in the nursing care plan in relation to the psychiatric diagnosis.
  3. One size do not fit all (function of the ethnicity in the country of Asian- American women in relation to cardiovascular health disparities): Even though there are students who make a study about cardiovascular disease in the country of Asian American groups, this study is different from it wherein it is only limited to Asian Americans groups that suggest that there groups are in an increased risk.
  4. Pressure ulcer intervention and its effectiveness on prevalence clinics/hospitals: Controlled before and after study: Pressure ulcer is associated with morbidity, health care costs as well as high mortality. In addition to the high costs, it includes suffering, lower quality of life, infection, PrUs and others.

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Nursing Research Question Ideas: More Choices

  1. Yellow Dirt review: Betrayal of Navajos and poisoned land: Yellow dirt is an account of the present and the past state of Navajo Nation regarding uranium mining. Also, through the study of study Pasternak weave story of betrayal.
  2. Baby care activities, postpartum fatique as well as attachment of maternal infant of cesarean and vaginal births in rooming settings: This study focuses on comparing women’s postpartum fatigues, comparing baby care activities as well as maternal infant attachments following cesarean and vaginal births in rooming in settings.
  3. Perceived self esteem, social support as well as pregnancy status among adolescents of Dominican: The study is about adolescent pregnancy wherein it is a health concern major among Dominicans in the United States and in Dominican Republic. 23% of the adolescents ages 15 up to 19 that experienced pregnancy.
  4. nursing research ideasPsychometric properties for Children’s: The Food Scale Power in diverse pre-adolescent youth sample: It about measuring appetitive responsiveness across 3 domains; the food present, food tasted and food available.
  5. A literature review on early extubation and hypothermia that follows bypass surgery in coronary artery: The aim of the study is to review the literature that addressed the hypothermia physiological effects and the association with appropriate extubation body temperature.
  6. Tolerance in Shift work in South Korean’s nurses that worked in a rotating shift: In Korean, shift workers is rapidly increasing but there is no research yet being published exploring shift work tolerance among Korean workers. The study aims in investing factors related to it.

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Nursing Research Project Ideas: What to Remember

In doing a research, you need to remember that you only make a research that is important and will give knowledge to readers. You should not make a study on things that are useless or not essential. It is important to be focus on the latest trend or issues.

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