DNP Capstone Project Guidelines: Step By Step

dnp capstone project step by stepDNP Capstone Project Step by Step Guidelines

One of the requirements for being granted a Doctorate in Nursing Practice or DNP degree is the completion of the DNP capstone project. The capstone project is one of the core elements the DNP program is designed around, and much of your time in a DNP program will be devoted to the capstone project.

Discussion of DNP capstone project guidelines may be taken as the procedures the whole capstone project will follow. The basic steps in the DNP capstone project are as follows:

  • Select a topic for your project
  • Confirm capstone project chair and committee members
  • Write your project proposal. This is a statement of problem to be addressed, its background and importance and detailed information on how your project will deal with it.
  • Oral defense of project proposal. Approval means begin your project.
  • Actual project performance, recording data etc.
  • Write the DNP capstone project paper. This is the written presentation of your project.
  • Oral defense of your paper

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From beginning to end the capstone project may take a year or more.

DNP Capstone Project Guidelines for Papers

The DNP capstone paper is the written presentation of your project and the method by which it will usually be judged. The capstone paper has strict format guidelines that must be adhered to.

The DNP capstone project guidelines for a papers structure are as follows:

  • Title page
  • Signature page
  • Executive summary-Brief overview of the project
  • Table of contents
  • Body consisting of 5 sections. 1) Statement of problem, its background and importance 2) Project description. Design, purpose and goals. 3) Evaluation plan. Describes evidence-based measures used for each objective, instruments used and the method of analysis 4) Results. Discussion regarding achieving objectives or not, unexpected results, major facilitators or barriers 5) Recommendations based on results. Should the project be continued, expanded, stopped etc.

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