DNP Capstone Project Guidelines: Step By Step

dnp capstone project step by stepDNP Capstone Projects

Why you might need DNP capstone project? Many nurses want to further their study and pursue their doctorate degree. Nowadays, many are pursuing Doctor or Nursing Practice. If you are contemplating as to whether you should pursue it or not, it actually depends on what you want to learn and the career path that you want to take.

When you take the Doctor of Nursing Practice, you get to acquire the necessary skills and tools that you need. For one, you get to learn about improving systems of care in order to have better patient outcomes. By studying these methods and tools, you can make changes in order to improve the quality of care.

Students who finish the DNP programs can be nurse leaders in various health care teams, working together with other medical practitioners and professionals in improving the efficiency and quality of care that they give to their patients. You may ask, why do I need? It is very important to have extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in the nursing field. There will always be high demand for nursing professionals who have a doctorate degree. Not only that, you also gain more knowledge and skills in the field.

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DNP Capstone Project Step by Step Guidelines

Nursing is considered to be one of the most in demand professions today. Many students after they finish the undergraduate course would eventually pursue further studies. If you want to acquire more knowledge, skills, and tools in your field of practice, taking the doctorate of nursing practice is a good choice. This is a very essential requirement that you will have to accomplish. But unlike other papers, you will have to write quality work that meets the highest of standards. You will have to use data in order to have reliable and well-written research work.

One of the requirements for being granted a Doctorate in Nursing Practice or DNP degree is the completion of the DNP capstone project. The capstone project is one of the core elements the DNP program is designed around, and much of your time in a DNP program will be devoted to the capstone project.

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Discussion of DNP capstone project guidelines may be taken as the procedures the whole capstone project will follow. The basic steps in the DNP capstone college of nursing are as follows:

  • Select a topic for your project
  • Confirm capstone project chair and committee members
  • Write your project proposal. This is a statement of problem to be addressed, its background and importance and detailed information on how your project will deal with it.
  • Oral defense of project proposal. Approval means begin your project.
  • Actual project performance, recording data etc.
  • Write the DNP capstone project paper. This is the written presentation of your project.
  • Oral defense of your paper

From beginning to end the capstone project may take a year or more.

DNP Capstone Project Guidelines for Papers

The DNP capstone paper is the written presentation of your project and the method by which it will usually be judged. The capstone paper has strict format guidelines that must be adhered to.

The DNP capstone project guidelines for a papers structure are as follows:

  • Title page
  • Signature page
  • Executive summary-Brief overview of the project
  • Table of contents
  • Body consisting of 5 sections:
    • Statement of problem, its background and importance
    • Project description. Design, purpose and goals
    • Evaluation plan. Describes evidence-based measures used for each objective, instruments used and the method of analysis
    • Results. Discussion regarding achieving objectives or not, unexpected results, major facilitators or barriers
    • Recommendations based on results. Should the project be continued, expanded, stopped etc.

This is how most will view your project. Devote the necessary time and effort as regardless of your project’s results, a poorly written paper implies an overall poor project, that’s why you can always lean on write my capstone project services in be sure in the paper effectiveness.

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What Are the Steps in Writing a DNP Capstone Project?

  • First is you need an abstract. This is the section where you describe the objectives of your study. You need to be able to explain how it can improve the healthcare industry.
  • Once you have written the abstract, the next step is to work on the body which includes several components. First is the introduction, this gives a background and brief introduction to your study. After that, there is literature review where you collate information pertaining to the different studies conducted in your chosen topic.
  • In your methodology, you explain your research instruments, tools and techniques that you will use for the study.
  • The discussion part is where you provide your analysis. You get to discuss what you have researched and analyze the data and other materials you have gathered.
  • In the last part, there is the conclusion where you make the final recommendations or conclusion based on your findings.
  • References. You should include all of the works and other materials that you have cited in your work.

DNP Capstone Project Guideline Difficulties

A DNP capstone project requires a more thorough analysis and structure compared to other types of paper. Unlike your undergraduate nursing paper, you are expected to conduct a research and write in such a way that meets the standards of the academic community.

For many students, they encounter the following difficulties:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Narrowing their topic of choice
  • Starting the introduction
  • Writing the abstract
  • Structuring their paper in such a way that it is organized and easy to read
  • Gathering data
  • Determining research methods and techniques
  • Analyzing the data gathered
  • Writing the whole paper itself
  • Discussing the results

There are other difficulties and challenges that students experience once they start working on their research paper. But do not let these difficulties stifle you from making a quality DNP capstone project. As long as you are willing to put effort and time into it, you will definitely be able to finish it on time.

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