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Importance of the Capstone Nursing Project Writing

capstone nursingTo complete a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and in an increasing number of cases a nursing BSN, one of the necessary requirements is the successful completion of a nursing capstone project. The capstone project involves applying knowledge and skills acquired in school, to a particular clinical practice or policy to improve some aspect of the procedure. It is a practical application of an idea that is evidence-based as opposed to a strictly theoretical approach.

The nursing student is able to choose their own topic for the nursing capstone, with guidance from a faculty adviser, and approval from a committee. As one of the necessary requirements for a degree, successful completion of a nursing capstone project is extremely important to those involved. For faculty it is an important measure of a student’s knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge, and for students no degree will be granted if not completed successfully.

Writing Requirements for the Capstone Nursing Project

There are actually two critical papers that will need to be submitted in the course of completing a capstone nursing project. The first of these is the nursing capstone proposal. The proposal is basically a request for permission to begin the project and involves convincing a committee your project is worthy.

It will include the following:

  • Statement of the problem your project will address and why it is important
  • Description of the project with goals and supporting literature
  • A detailed program outline with steps, including time line and resources
  • Evaluation plan. The tools and means of measurement and analysis.

If the proposal is approved, when the actual project is completed the nursing capstone project paper will detail the project itself. It will include all the information provided in the proposal, and additionally discuss results and recommendations. Both the proposal and the final paper will have to meet strict requirements regarding structure as well as content. If you have problems with either portion you may want to consider professional help. As well you are welcome to check out our nursing capstone paper examples!

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