Capstone Project Nursing: Free of Common Mistakes

capstone project nursingCapstone Project Nursing Papers

One of the necessary requirements for completing many nursing programs is a capstone nursing project. The capstone project provides an opportunity for students to put learned skills and knowledge into practice. Part of the capstone project entails a written paper which is essentially a written presentation of your entire project. Nursing capstone project papers introduce the problem that the project is aimed at solving and provides in detail how the project is intended to accomplish that. Equipment used, time involved and methods used to analyze results are some but not all of the project details that are included.

Project results, objectives obtained, unexpected results and ultimately a recommendation based on the projects degree of success all are included following established guidelines. For all but a very few individuals, your entire project will be represented by the capstone paper. This makes a well written paper critical to the success of your project. Great project results can be overshadowed by a poorly written paper.

Common Mistakes in Capstone Project Nursing Papers

The capstone project may take a year or longer to complete. You have presented your proposal, had it approved and received results that lived up to every bit of your expectations. Get it all written down and you are a success. Don’t make this mistake and rush through the process. Simple common mistakes on the written paper that are the result of rushing to get finished, or out and out carelessness can and have been the downfall of many projects that would have otherwise been judged a success.

Some of the more common mistakes made on capstone project nursing papers are included here:

  • Not following the proper paper structure. Most schools provide sample outlines to follow, and papers from previous students are available for reference. A simple mistake, easily avoided, but that still occurs.
  • Long flowery sentences and unnecessary use of big words. A tactic sometimes used in an attempt to impress, but that never does. You will impress more with clear, concise sentences that get direct to the point.
  • Failure to proofread. Simple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors just shouldn’t happen, yet may be the most common mistake committed

How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Capstone Project Nursing Papers

Avoiding common mistakes is easily summed up. Attention to detail. Be methodical and take time to notice small details. If you lack time a service such as our company provides can help.

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