Biomedical Writing Guidelines: Step by Step

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Biomedical Writing Procedures

Have no idea how to write a nursing research paper?  Let’s discover it together. A biomedical paper will follow basic scientific medical writing rules for structure and style. Biomedical writing is done following a series of steps that will result in a finished medical paper. While paper structure and style follows strict rules the writing process may vary somewhat depending on the individual.

The basic structure for biomedical writing is shown here:

  • Abstract: Brief summary of the paper
  • Introduction: The question under study and some background
  • Literature review: Existing relevant material reviewed. It may not be a required section in some papers but you will still need to review the literature.
  • Methodology: Design of your experiment. How results were derived.
  • Results: Data collected from your experiment
  • Discussion: What the results mean
  • References: List of source material

Writing the actual paper in the order the sections are presented in is not the best approach. A recommended way to write the paper would be as follows:

  • Review the literature first. Whether or not you include a literature review section, review the related literature first
  • Develop you study question and hypotheses
  • Design and conduct your experiment
  • Write your results section
  • Write the methods section
  • Write the discussion section
  • Write the introduction
  • Write the abstract
  • Complete the references page
  • Edit and proofread

 Some Biomedical Writing Style Guidelines

The following are some basic guidelines for the writing style you should use for biomedical writing:

  • Write in complete sentences that are easily understood. Writing should conform to the conventions of standard written English.
  • Write clearly and concisely. Make sure that every paragraph has a clear topic sentence and that the paragraph content supports the topic.
  • Avoid unnecessary words or phrases.
  • Use of the active voice. The active voice not only reads better, it will also makes for a more concise paper
  • Don’t use contractions such as “don’t” and “isn’t” in your paper. Do not use them. It is not correct.

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