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Using a Nursing Assessment Cheat Sheet

Some people, when they hear the words cheat sheet, automatically think of smuggling notes into a classroom to help pass a test. However, cheat sheet is often the term used to used to describe some kind of summarized information used as a reference tool. It could be a list of formulas for math, history dates or anything else.

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In the medical field a nursing assessment cheat sheet may be used by both nursing students as well as practicing nurses. A nursing assessment is one of the first steps a nurse takes when examining and diagnosing a patient. An incorrect assessment can have serious consequences.

Nursing cheat sheets aren’t used because the nurse or student doesn’t know what they are doing. Rather they are more of a guide to make sure nothing is overlooked. Use them to get more DNP project ideas. They are nothing more than a tool to be used to improve on care given.

nursing assessment cheat sheet

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Benefits of Using a Nursing Assessment Cheat Sheets

Nursing cheat sheets are in no way a replacement for knowledge. Whether its a nursing lab values cheat, an assessment cheat sheet or some other type, those using them already have the knowledge. So why use one if you know the information?

Some of the reasons include the following:

  • To use as a guide so nothing is overlooked. There are many things to remember during a nursing assessment, and anybody may forget one item sometimes. Having something to use as a guide ensures that doesn’t happen.
  • Increase efficiency. It speeds up a nursing capstone assessment by not having to stop and mentally review if you have covered everything. It serves as a checklist.
  • Increased confidence. If you aren’t worrying about overlooking something, you can do a better job on the assessment itself.
  • Improved care. It lessens the chance of anything being missed. Ultimately anything that improves care is good.
  • Learning tool. They serve as an efficient learning tool for students by consolidating information in one place

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