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Why Cliches Are the Worst

“What’s so bad about clichés?” some may ask. The quick answer is that they’re simply unhelpful. Because we’ve grown used to them, they no longer mean anything. “Black as night” doesn’t conjur up a mental image anymore, we just parse it as a set phrase. If you avoid them and reach for more creative turns of phrases, your writing is much more vivid. New meaning is created and readers are interested in ways they can’t bother to be if you’re using too many clichés. So avoid them!

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Avoiding Cliches with the Tool

If you’ve made up your mind to avoid clichés in your nursing capstone paper, we salute you. But we recognize avoiding cliches in writing can be easier said than done. After all, it’s pretty hard to hunt up issues with your own writing. There’s a reason that spelling and grammar checkers are so popular!

You’re used to your own writing, so your brain ignores the issues with it. This is true of all sorts of issues, whether it’s clichés or misspellings. However, when you use a computer tool to find the problems, it’s much more accurate than a human could be, since computers don’t generally misread things. Thus, a program is a much better choice than any person could be. And using the tool is easy, too.

There’s only two steps: 1. Enter text, and 2. Click “find.” It could take you less than a second to be on your way to better writing!

Why Use Cliché Finder

Why should you decide to use a cliché finder? We’ve discussed what’s wrong with clichés already, but why shouldn’t you just find them yourself?

Consider the following benefits:

  • You’ll get better writing
  • A program is more detailed and knowledgeable than a person
  • You’ll stretch your creativity
  • It’s much faster than doing it by hand

When you find and replace the clichés in your writing, you’ll have much better, more vivid writing. Finding new options will also make you more creative. You will have to think in directions you haven’t thought in before, and it’ll take you in new creative directions.

Plus, the help avoiding cliches tool has a memory dedicated almost exclusively to clichés and overused phrases. As smart as you are, you have many other things to remember, and cannot match is knowledge on its subject. Plus, it’ll take you a long time to sift through everything. The tool only takes a few minutes or less, depending on how long your passage is.

Use the Best Cliché Finder

When finding clichés, you need the best. Our database is full of commonly used phrases and our filtering software is excellent. We know how important it is to write creatively, and we want to help you do so. Try out our cliché finder and online bibliography generator and see how much easier it is with our help.

Avoid the cliché with this amazing tool and watch your writing excel!