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What Is a Nursing Capstone?

nursing capstoneThe nursing capstone is a large scale project that is one of the requirements necessary to complete a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) degree, and is also often a requirement in other nursing programs. The nursing capstone project is meant to implement principles of evidence practice and show them in use. Essentially the nursing student applies what they have learned to a specific area of nursing of their choice, in an effort to improve that area. The results of the project are presented in a detailed report. The project is meant to demonstrate the students knowledge, and ability to apply what they have learned. A successful nursing capstone project is essential for being granted a degree.

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What Are the Steps in a Nursing Capstone Project?

In a capstone college of nursing, those institutions using the capstone project as a major part of their curriculum, there are several steps to the nursing capstone process. The steps to be taken are outlined here:

  • Develop an idea for your capstone project. You can’t just choose anything and begin. You must first get approval from an adviser.
  • Write a nursing capstone proposal. The proposal outlines your project and the steps you intend to take. This will include the problem you are addressing with your project and methods you will use.
  • Defend your proposal.
  • Project work. The actual putting into practice the project proposal. This could take many months depending on the project.
  • Write the project paper based on the results of the project.
  • Defend your nursing capstone project paper.

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Assistance for the Nursing Capstone Project

Considering the importance of the project, as well as the level of difficulty, you may want to consider getting help with your project.

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